Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank Goodness for DVR's

So sad he is leaving the show.
All My Children!!
Pretty sad that this is all I have to blog about today.
When we brought Londyn home from the hospital
every night until she got adjusted to regular sleep
we would watch All My Children. I would say its our
show Shugs. Now when she hears the show she starts
to dance. She gets all excited. It is so cute. Now I got her
mom hooked and Cousin Taylor when she is here and
I think Lacey watched it the last couple of days too.

I have been watching for years and cant wait
until January when these two return. Pretty sad
my life had come to this isnt it? No really just have
been busy working and not much time for anything
else. I miss my computer time and scrapbooking.
We found a costume for Londyn for Halloween. I will
post pictures of that next week. She will be 9mo on
Halloween. Have a great weekend. Hopefully some
dry weather. Thanks Ed and Peg for the nice gift to
Londyn. I have such great customers at Izzy's. It makes
my job so much more easier seeing all your faces.

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