Sunday, December 8, 2013

Staying in where its warm!

It is just way to cold to go anywhere. Coldest temps that I remember in a very long time. Its nice in away as I can get to some things I have been wanting to get done. Like hang some things. Little medicine cabinet has been sitting on floor for several weeks, love hope and joy needed hooks and hung, and a new sign well I haven't found a place yet. I adore this sign "It is well with my soul"! Today I am going to tackle the office which seems to be the drop off for everything. Wish me luck! Blessings Pam


  1. Hi Pam! You won one of my giveaways! Congrats! I just need your mailing information. My email is attached to my comment or it is kpassarette {at} yahoo {dot} com.

  2. Hi Pamela,
    I just love the medicine cabinet! Well, really, I love it all! Just so so pretty! We went to the tree farm today, and I was really sweating for the last 30 minutes we were there. It's in the 80's here in central Florida...gorgeous day...but not a bit cool at all! I love this climate, but it is weird to get a tree without any coolness at all. Stay cozy, and thank you for sharing your lovely home!

  3. congrats on your win, pam! love the window and sign! the bedroom pics are so charming, too!

  4. Oh Pam, I LOVE your bedroom with all of your wonderful vintage pieces!! It's cozy and dreamy and fabulous!
    Mary Alice

  5. Pam, your room looks just beautiful! I love both the window and the sign at the end of your bed!

  6. So pretty. I love the Well With My soul sign!


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