Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thank You's!

 I wanted to thank Rhonda from for my charm. I won on a giveaway and she sent it out ever so quickly. I added some twine for now and put on my dress form until I get a chain..
 I spend alot of time on my computer reading blogs and entering giveaways. I could have worse habits right? Anyways I won on Joy sent my magazine out right away.. I love it and my little gifts in the mail our my Christmas gifts. I am so blessed and beyond grateful. Thanks so so much..
 I took today to stay in my pajama's and destress a little from the work week and craziness of the Christmas season. When you work with the public it can really take a toll on you. I spent the day getting caught up on my house and paperwork. Tomorrow we will finish up the last minute details. I feel so good about what I accomplished today.
 The weather was nice today. I should of raked leaves and cleaned the car. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to it.
 I also got my laundry soap made and ready to hand out. I enjoy making gifts for people. Along with that and the hair clips I should be set for the girls at work and some wonderful customers I have.

My beautiful granddaughter Londyn on the left and her bestie Lilly on the right. They went to the mall today with their moms and saw Santa. Londyns shirt is a gift from me. It says grandma's favorite gift. I love it. Well Merry Christmas to my blogging friends. You have all blessed me so much this year. So many prayers, words of comfort as I dealt with the hardest thing I can imagine. Losing both my parents in the span of 7wks has been hard. I feel like I have done better than I could ever think possible. This week has been spent with lots of tears. I miss them terribly. Especially this time of year. I look forward to the New Year! Blessings Pam


  1. Your grand-daughter and her friend are adorable! The gifts you received and the gifts you prepared are really thoughtful. I'm sorry for your losses; losses can be deeply felt this time of year. XOXO Blessed Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

  2. Pam, sometimes you just have to take time for yourself-the chores can wait! You are such a sweet, thoughtful person. I'm so grateful that we've become friends :)
    I hope this upcoming year is a better one for you!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. i love that you took a needed day for yourself in this hectic season:) love the gifts you've made and fabulous wins, too!
    your dress form is adorable with the crown and dressed in her apron and charm:)
    londyn and her bestie look like they are enjoying the season:) merry christmas, and i do hope next year is is your best yet:)


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