Monday, November 5, 2012

Im Happy He Saved Everything..

While some of my family are thinking why did dad save everything, Im thinking SWEET!

 I love this old drawer.. Love the front.. He had several to chose from...
 I love all these old door plates(key holes)! One would say great patina!

 Going to spray paint this ball white and remove the nails from the bottom!

 This old lamp was in his shop, missing the shade but it works. I love it. Back in the day people used it for an ashtray!While it is hard to see him in assisted living, it is fun to see what he hung on to. I feel honored to have his things in my home and will treasure them forever..
 The cutest card received from along with my clock, mason jar and starbucks giftcard. I love it all and feel truly blessed..

Hope you all have a wonderful week... I am busy preparing for a tea that Penny and I are hosting on Saturday.. It is the first one we will host after being guests to two! Blessings Pam


  1. So glad he saved such cool stuff...and that he had a daughter to appreciate it :) LOVE those plates...the colors are amazing!!

  2. OMGosh, those door plates!! Be still my heart!


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