Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Londyn~

Dear Londyn,
Right now you are a little over two months from being 4! You joined me for tea on Saturday waking up that morning crying for gammy. You called me asking when the tea was. You love to craft with me. You paint so well, draw your name with little flaw. You stayed the night on your mommy's birthday and was up until almost midnight and then stayed Saturday night too. You love to clean with me and get involved in everything I am doing. You are sensitive and cry easy just like I did when I was little. Dora has taken back seat to Mickey Mouse. You count so well and like to read... You love to go visit grandpa and grandma great. You love to dress yourself and usually do first thing when you wake up. You love noodles and mac and cheese, also the chocolate milks from Dutch Bros.Your excited about each holiday and are already planning your next costume for Halloween. You sleep with Hippo and or Lammie.. You dont like covers when you sleep never have and you like to hog the whole bed. You are gammy's girl and I love you so very much. I always ask you how much does gammy love you and you reach up and say to the sky! I couldnt be more blessed!
         Love your Gammy!

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  1. This is the sweetest ever!! What an adorable picture! You two are lucky to have each other :)


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