Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hosted our very 1st Tea!

 Penny and I hosted our very first successful tea! We had 11 guests.. Our table was for 8 and a couple people who wasn't going to come came too. We have been guests the last two years at this event. It is a fundraiser for the Brownsville museum. We were gifted this table and I think it was easier and funner to be a guest than host. However with that said we pulled it off. I was stressed about how to decorate but last week I realized that we had most of it throughout our home and decided to make it a thankful theme.

 Penny did buy these water goblets the day before with chalk on the bottom of them. What a cute idea!
 My good friend Laura bought these white cups and saucers a few days prior. They worked perfectly. She gave them to me so I will have them in the future.

 Penny and I hit the goodwill earlier in the week and found the napkins, napkin rings and table cloths. It was a great score.

 The jug was used as a water pitcher and I was given lots of compliments on being creative..

 The food was catered in and was so very good! The tea was at a teen challenge center in Shedd. All volunteers sat up tables, served water, helped clean up and were very kind.
I made this banner Thursday evening in a couple of hours and now have my creative juices flowing again and cant wait to make more for all seasons. It was a feel good day! I am THANKFUL! Sorry for so many pictures. The only complaint we  heard was we didn't leave any elbow room to eat. Oops!! We actually brought more and left it in the car! Have a great Sunday evening. Blessings Pam

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