Sunday, November 25, 2012


 I thought I would weigh in on what I was thankful for this year... These beautiful flowers were delivered below Thanksgiving morning from a dear friend to my door. Thanks Teddie and girls..

 I had to work Thanksgiving as people still have to eat. It wasnt to bad though only like three hours.
We had our kids for thanksgiving after I got home from work. Noah on the left, he had to work that evening for Black Friday and worked all night. Our daughter and her boyfriend came over with Londyn.
 Its weird but a feeling came over me that I am a mom and grandma and am making our own tradition. Weird huh but sometimes I feel like I am still young like 18 or something and forget that I am older and have kids that old.
 Never to old to sit on pampa's lap.
I am truly blessed for my family. My children above our like 17 months apart and have each others back.. I love to watch the interaction between the two! My dad took a fall last Sunday and has been in the hospital every since. Had some good days and some bad.  Thank goodness he looks worse than he feels and does not remember falling. We are in for more changes ahead. This holiday was tough as we could not be with him for dinner.. I also got the news friday that a fellow blogger passed away..
I have followed her well over a year and recieved a beautiful Christmas card last year with a picture of her and her family. She had an amazing smile and beauty about her. Her blog wrote:
today, heaven got unspeakably and exponentially richer. Shawna passed away this morning and is finally cancer free. Even though she was only fifteen minutes away I had never met her and always had hoped too. My heart aches for her family... If you would like to read her story you can here: So glad to be up and running again. Had some issues with my picasa storage so thanks Jordan for figuring it out. I was having withdrawls from not being able to post. I will have to post some Christmas decorating soon. Blessings Pam

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