Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Special Birthday Wish, A Tea, and a Wreath

 Tomorrow is two special ladies birthdays. My mother in law above Opal. I miss you dearly.
Happy Birthday to you! I snagged this picture off of my sister in law Sandy's facebook I hope
you dont mind.

 Our bestest friend Dael. Who is always there in a pinch for us. My mom was invited to go to the tea with
us but couldnt make it. So Dael stood in. Thanks for going Dael. Very much appreciated. She also shares the special birthday with my mother in law. So Happy Happy Birthday to you too!

 Our very good friend Wade and his wife have taken us two years now to this tea. It is for a good cause and all the proceeds go to the Brownsville museum. Wade and his wife kinda adopted Penny and I and have been very dear to us. A few years back Wade fell 14 feet to the ground out of a tree he was pruning. His wife came to tell us at work. I remember going to see him. He had several broken bones in his back. He said he just didnt think he would recover from this. I said yes you will and he did! He has been very kind to my parents in their illnesses! Sends wonderful cards and gifts. One of the kindest men I know.
 I love old silverware and china. It was fun to wander around and look at it all.

 The tea was fun. This table above had some real history behind it. Wish I would of got a chance to find out what it was.

The wreath above is one I made for Starla's birthday the other day. I had only made one of these before and had hoped I would remember how to do it. I think it turned out well. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Blessings. Pam

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