Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eventful Day!

 Shabby table at Brittany's (new home today)

 Pictures above at Brittany's house. I always take my camera and snap away! I took Londyn with me and you can see she has so much fun.
 Grating the soap! It smells so good! And so easy and fun to make.
 We made homemade laundry soap today. As I get older I find myself so critical of me! But I can say I loved making it. And guess what most will be getting for Christmas..

 I saw this great idea for these cute bags. I took a towel over and asked Brittany if she could make it and she did it right then and there. I am going to add winter greens and holly to it and put on my front porch. Our friend Heidi is there in the background. We had great time and just chatted away.

 She is making more this evening with solid linens with red stripes for her booth. If you would like one let me know and she will gladly sale them.
 Okay after my very long day, this is as far as my table got. I dont plan on leaving it here just to tired to move it anywhere else. But Love it!

 Ignore the girl in her pajama's in the mirror!

Doe this bed look ready for me or what? I am on my way early I hope. This banner was made from from a friend and neighbor of mine. It is a no sew banner and I am going to attempt to make them. I have all the product but just need the time. Also squeezed a visit into my parents today with Londyn. A trip to Kohl's with Josh, stopped at Jordan's, and now enjoying sometime alone. Guys in Eugene for Duck game. Just heard they lost. So no cookies made yet(tomorrow night date with Londyn to do so)! No wreaths made but no time today. My mind is whirling with ideas and cant wait to play but an extra day at work tomorrow so it will have to wait! Enjoy your weekend! I am! Blessings Pam

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