Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Few Treasures!

 So I went to Goodwill yesterday after work to only look for work clothes. I spotted this chair in the front entry way with the 50% off Halloween stuff. I looked it over! It is a mess. No price! I asked just to see how much. She looked it over. I told her that it was missing the back and quite dirty. I was thinking this could be my first redo knowing that I could ask for Brittany's help if needed. The lady said $6.95 but you cant return it. I said I will take it. I had $10.00 credit coming. So what do you think? Another paint job and maybe some linen for the fabric. Now I just need to do it!
 My friend Tom found this ladder and brought it to me! Free! Good Deal!
Well I am calling this one Bountiful Brittany! Only because last evening while helping my friend Brittany decorate her booth for Christmas she said do you want this for your craft room! Um sure!
Remember this one I named Diana! Named after the lady I got her from so only fitting to call the other
one Brittany! Havent been feeling very inspired lately. Hopefully soon. After pulling down Harvest last evening at the antique mall and listening to Christmas music I feel like I should be getting into the spirit.
I still like my pumpkins think they will stay until Thanksgiving. Enjoy your evening. Blessings Pam

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  1. hello:) thanks for stopping by...i love those little flashcards, too! i'm pretty sure i bought those on etsy a few years back. i *think* the store owner's name is cari kraft? i hope you find some you like...



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