Friday, November 25, 2011


I was thankful for a great feast! I was thankful to only have had to work about 3 hours on Thankgiving.
I was thankful to host and to stay home this year!

 Together thru thick and thin! We all work together and yet we still want to be together. We had an offer to go to Doug's sisters in Eugene but after all having to work and Noah having to work at 3:00am Black Friday we just couldn't see getting on the road so we put a small feast on for a few!

 Cassie and Forrest! What a nice young couple. Forrest shares the twins birthday so we think he is pretty cool! He joins the army in January.

 It looked like we were not going to have either kid home for Thanksgiving! We were kinda at a loss.
Noah's girlfriend also had to work very early for Black Friday. Her family went to Sunriver for the holiday. So she made Noah a turkey dinner at her house since she was home alone.

Jordan and Londyn spent Thanksgiving with Anthony's family(Jordan's boyfriend, Londyn's dad)!
And then just when everyone was going home they stopped by and made our Thanksgiving complete.
I am truly blessed! Tonight I visited with my parents for several hours before heading home for a two day weekend.. Yes I am soooo ready! I always have so much planned that I wanna do. We will see what all I get done.. Blessings Pam

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