Monday, November 14, 2011

Something besides a giveaway post!

 What am I thinking putting a white tablecloth on my table. Guess I will have to learn how to use bleach
without ruining everything else.. I am trying to brighten things up these days. When I go in a color I really go in a color. Red Red Red everywhere. I love it.
 This bird crate was on my porch I borrowed it from my dad. It is old and the burlap is ripped but as I started to load it up to give back to him I found myself hating to part with it. So I played around with it.
It probably wont stay here but fun play around with. Plus it makes me think of my dad everytime I look at

 Adding some yellow to the mix too. I love my trunk, it serves as a good place to sit!
 Penny and I bought one of these Cottages and Bungalow magazines for Brittany's birthday Friday and I couldnt resist going out and buying on for myself.. Great ideas in it. It is one of my new favs!

 I have come to realize I have to much stuff.. Ssh dont tell anyone I said that. I love all my magazines and cant seem to part with them. I have been going though them lately as I sit and watch t.v.

Jordan has been gone a week now for her birthday. FYI Jordan it is over now!! Londyn stayed with us 6 nights for her birthday gift. We had a great time and it flew by... She sure missed her mama as I did too.
She is back home tonight... Love you and am glad you had a great time.
I wanted to give a shout out to Margaret V. who is a customer of mine and says she reads my blog daily.. I have enjoyed getting to know you these last few years. Thanks for reading and enjoying my blog. I am off now finally to rest. So much to catch up on w/o Londyn here.. Blessings to you all! Pam

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