Thursday, March 4, 2010

A month of vacation posts

The door that you see is our balcony door!
After my shower this little guy appeared.

On our second day I went to get coffee and came back invaded
by gecko's and snails. Penny and I had a good scream and then
got use to them. We even named one Henry I think he slept
on our air conditoner the whole time.
The view from our bedroom door. We had
coconuts only once while we were there.

I am ashamed I didnt get in the pool at all.

Our room again. They all had names. I think they called
it the pool room. For some of you these posts may seem to
be very boring. However it is away for me to share with the
family that didnt go. Also if you get a chance to listen to the
song I changed on my list. Miss the music and the peace and
love they have there. Also the ability for life to stand still.
No worries Man!!

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  1. i of course love your new tunes on here and just wanted to say a hello and thank you for letting me live through your photos...ahhhh


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