Monday, December 10, 2012

Bedroom project!

 Showing the after before the before. I love the white and how it turned out. It only took two days to complete. Have I mentioned how I hate to paint.

 I was really tired of the red. The mirror was a $5.00 find and am happy I bought it.

 Cute little frosted tree by my bed, was a trade.
 Added the teal suitcase that Penny decided she had no room for. My collection just keeps growing.
 After painting I was off to bed.. After dumping a pile of pillows off the bed.
 I love when my sister decides to declutter her home. She gave me these little quilts.
 My newest collection of old cameras. These were a little over $3.00 each.
 The kitchen is open for buisness..
I also made this Tis The Season banner. Next it will be Happy New Year Banner. Have a great day! Blessings Pam


  1. I love so many things! The dresser turned out great (I hate to paint, too!), the little table and tree in front of the door is SO cute, and of course I adore the stack of suitcases! Great holiday touches!

  2. Everything looks beautiful! Even though you don't like to paint I bet you're glad you did it! Your new white dresser looks so fresh and pretty!

  3. Big improvement from red, yet you could have left it red for the holidays and after you could have painted it. I have gotten so use to painting that its the first thing I think of when I find a new treasure.
    The tree is so sweet, love its dusty hue to it.

    Thank you for sharing my joy with me.
    Blessings to you and yours

  4. love the dresser white, pam! you collect the greatest goodies! sweet little tree, too:)

  5. So much to love in this post Pam! The banner is awesome and wow, the dresser looks great.
    You are the best treasure hunter too. $5 fr that mirror...great score!
    hugs from here...


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