Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Sweets and Some Sweets! Dec 5th 2015

 Londyn had her performance yesterday. She did amazing. She performed ballet first and than her hip hop.
 For several months they have practiced, all her hard work payed off. She really enjoys ballet. She had decided she didn't want to continue with hip hop but to do tap. However after yesterday she changed her mind and wants to continue with hip hop.
 Our son Noah came with his girlfriend Jessica. It was the first time she has met Londyn. She gave her a little owl necklace and I think she won her over. I have really enjoyed getting to know Jessica. She has a kind and giving heart.

Being grandparents really is amazing. I am so very blessed and proud. Next weekend she will
perform in The Nutcracker. She is mouse #7! Which had become her new nickname. I have missed blogging and am reminded that this is my journal. I look forward to many more memories to share. Blessings Pam

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