Saturday, November 5, 2016

October/Fall Recap!

 October flew by this year. Loved the fall photo's my daughter took of the kids.

 Londyn is such a big helper when it comes to her little sis Harlow Jaine. Who goes by Jaine
Jaine or Jainy Poo. Not sure she will ever know her real name. Londyn calls her Har Har!

 We went over one evening while they did their pumpkins. The kids tried the melting of crayons. I
like how they turned out.

 I also went with them for downtown trick or treating. The weather was amazing that day and they had a lot of fun. Londyn of course was a deer, Harlow was a lamb. I was so impressed with Londyn's costume and the effort her parents and Auntie put into it.

 My little lamb with be 4 months on Nov 13th. How is that possible. She is such a sweet
Jordan(my daughter) will be 26 on the 8th of Nov. I am so proud of her and the mother she is. I am
sure I was as busy raising my two kids, but I look at her daily tasks and how well she handles everything. She is an amazing cook. Not sure where that came from as I am not much for cooking. Happy Birthday Jordan. I am so blessed to be your mom. Blessings Pam

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