Thursday, February 23, 2017

Enjoying the little things.

 Had a glitch for awhile with my blog. Sure missed it but finally figured it out. I was blessed over
the holidays with some facebook and instagram wins. So many treasures.
 I won a $300 store credit to where I
picked out the ladder,laundry basket, and vase pictured above. I love Magnolia and hope to someday
go to Waco to visit the shop and bakery.

I also won credit to where I chose this beautiful lantern.
 This farmhouse print was also a win from instagram. The tray came from Magnolia also.

 I love my picture board at the end of the table. It always is a reminder of the blessings I have.
 I received the candle burning above from yet another win. I love my instagram and spend way to much time on my phone but remind my husband that there is worse things I could be doing with my time. lol
 My sis (twin) and I had birthdays the 19th of Feb and I loved buying her this Edwards sign through She has some wonderful things. I have also won several items from her in the past and have bought several items as well.
I made this Welcome window for my sis also. The window came out of the rafters of my dads shop
that was demolished this last year. I have one also and it brings me joy to have a reminder of him each time I look at it. We are starting a pantry project this weekend and will be installing a barn sliding door. I cant wait for the finished project. Feeling inspired as spring approaches. We returned from Disneyland the first week of Feb, Valentine's Day, and three birthdays just finished needless to say it has been a very busy month. Hope your all enjoying your day. Blessings Pam

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  1. How exciting to win from Magnolia. I love the online store and I too want to get there to visit the Silos and all that is around there. Wow, you in a lot of things. I sign up for all the giveaways there are and never get notified :-( I just love all you chose to buy. The lantern is fabulous! Your house looks great too!


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