Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feel Good Kind of A Day

These were some more of her 9mo photos.
She had three outfit changes that day. Saving
the Christmas ones for later. I cant believe it
is almost here.
Just wanted to say kudos to Penny for
doing such a great job pulling off Tony's 40th
birthday surprise. He knew she was up to
something. She rented the Legion and had their
own bartender for Friday evening. Family and friends
he hadnt seen in a long time showed up. We had a
fun time.
Today was a feel good day. My niece Kim came over
for some help in the craft department which was no work
for me, i mean it was just plain fun for me. It actually got
me all energized to get the scrap stuff out again. After
the holidays. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.
Have a great week.

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