Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 11 months old today Londyn

Christmas morning. You really started to get into the opening
of gifts. You got lots of musical things which you like to dance

Where did the time go. You are so much like your mom though
You are such a fast learner at everything you do. You will
be easy to break of the bottle as that is going so good now.
You will potty train easily and learn to eat on your own
You still only have two teeth at 11 mo old. You like to
love your baby dolls and give them kisses. You still say
baby, scruffy and kitty. You patty cake now.. You are just
plain fun.. Happy Birthday Shugs!
Still waiting to hear where are boys are at this point they
left last night for the Rose bowl and were trying to be there
today by 3:00 for the prep rally. They took a longer route
do to the pass being closed..
Happy New Year to everyone!! Be safe!!!!!!!

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