Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are You Ready?

 Are you ready for Christmas. I don't think I ever am until Christmas Eve. Every year I say I will get started earlier and every year I am out the day before finishing up.
 My jolly banner was just found the other day. My 1 2 3 candle display has tipped over several times.
 I do like however what I did with my cake stand. I love the colors I picked to put in there.
 I found these cute little matchsticks on my second return to The Vintage Roost. They are going to go well with the candles I am giving as gifts. The clove box is a gift also.
 I managed to craft one evening and made a few simple cards. I saw this idea on instagram and thought I could do that. The fun part was my granddaughter and I did it together.
I want to wish you all A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Gods Blessings! Pam


  1. I think I am ready! Finished the last of the wrapping today! Still have baking to do for a get together. Love your matchstick boxes. Great idea to give with a candle!

  2. Merry Christmas Pam. Your Christmas vignette is beautiful. My favorite part of Christmas is the busy time. Then I sit with a cup of hot chocolate. Sigh

  3. Pam, that card you made is the cutest!! Have a blessed Christmas! :)


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