Friday, January 23, 2015

Shabby and Rustic!

 This mantle I had behind my bed at the other house. Not sure where it is going to go but I  just cant part with it!
 This is another piece that I just love. I have to get coasters for the wheels yet and than I can start adding my pieces to it. My last home was all white and I did mostly vintage and shabby. However this home has a lot of rustic features and dark wood for trim. So kinda thinking of going more rustic. Still have to throw some shabby in somewhere.
 I traded a shabby door for this metal stand pictured above. I am not sure what I am doing with it yet. Thinking of spraying it black but not sure. I love the scallop edges.
 We have two bathrooms. One upstairs and one downstairs. I happen to like the downstairs one better. Lots of upgrades to it. The upstairs has wallpaper that must come down soon.
 This is my collect corner of stuff I am not sure where its going yet.

 This is the small kitchen. While I wasn't impressed with it. I must say its growing on me. This is where I can see some rustic coming in. The shutters are right up my alley. Our granddaughter likes to close them and say Kitchen Closed.

 Not sure of the wood wall but kinda seems like a cabin feel. For now it stays.
I love the back yard and the privacy. I have two sheds and they are full with lots of stuff for a spring sale. I cant wait to dig through it. For now I am unloading one box at a time and taking my time. Happy Friday. Blessings Pam


  1. How exciting to have a whole new house to decorate! I would love that! I think rustic and shabby would be so great together. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Please do not ever part with that mantle. I love it so much. Enjoy getting settled into your new home.


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