Monday, April 13, 2015

A Weekend of Treasures!

Last Friday it started with a trip to Blackberry Junction a local three time a year shabby show! I am always so anxious to see the booths and how they are set up. So much work goes into each booth. I came home with a few treasures and kept it under $20.00. Lord knows I don't need anything. This large frame which is like 16x20 was $2.00 I couldn't believe it. Loved the basket with lid for $6.00
 Than I headed to an Allasta Party. It is kinda new and I don't know much about it just that I am excited about it. I met a new friend who hosted named Sicily! I came home with this beautiful dish, picnic basket not pictured and my bag came that I had previously ordered. I had the Shabby Hoot added in memory of my parents.

The following day we headed out of town and went to a mini mall sort of speak. They have a World Market and Michaels and needless to say I was so overjoyed. Came home with some treasures. Sunday I played and put them all away.
 Couldn't resist the  braided sea grass rug from World Market. The little heart greenery wreaths were a nice touch to my hutch. Added a little basket and some more greenery. The tea light lights will hang in my back yard this summer. Cant wait.

 Managed to hang some stuff in my bedroom. Oh those blinds though have to go!!!!

 I love my shabby things and am wondering about a place for those wings. I have two pair and love them both. One is painted white and one is stained dark wood like the trim in our home.
Today I went to work and a customer/picker brought me in this scale and all this silverware. A gift and I was overwhelmed again. Be still my Heart! Have a wonderful evening. Blessings Pam

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  1. Hi Pam,
    These are great treasures, and guess what? You won some treasures at my giveaway! You are the winner of the Romantic Country magazine and a grain sack sachet from my shop. Send me an email with your info. Thanks!


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