Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fun Treasures!

 Well today is 109 outside so great day to update my blog... Oh how I miss you..! Summer has been flying by and we leave in 11 days for Hawaii. I am so ready for a vacation.. I have been so blessed with some great wins on instagram as of late, a few great finds at some sales, and if you know me I love to buy from small businesses. I love this welcome window pictured above that came from the rafters of my dads shop. I bought the decals at Hobby Lobby..
 I found this column last week along with the bird perched on top.. I was paid to water a customers yard and while heading to water I hit this sale.... Spent every penny...
 I have went crazy in my yard this year.. This weekend we will be planting 7 more roses in the back.. I cant wait to see what all comes back next year.
 I love my little rack I bought from Magnolia several months ago. Spending time in my yard with my three dogs and all my flowers and vegetables has been alot of fun this summer. Tonight I cooked using my tomato's and peppers.
 I was so excited when I won a facebook win from out of Springfield Oregon. We made a trip down there and pictured below is what I came home with. I won the pillow and a gift certificate plus fall tickets to their Harvest Fair...
 I am in love with this basket and the chalkboard.
 I love this coffee sign I won from! She has some awesome things if you get a chance, please check her out.
 I haven't spent much time indoors lately to work on home projects. Hoping to start a kitchen redo in the early fall.
 I have become quite the collector of Rae Dunn! I sure was a hot mess heading out Saturday to some early sales..
 I sure love the instagram world and won a pet giveaway. The picture above was one of the items I received. It came from So check her out as well.
Getting ready to go hang out my other score the great candle holder outside here in a few minutes. The tee pee was a great find from a local friend that I follow on facebook. I have wanted one for sometime. It will be used for some photos of the grand kids. I love supporting small businesses. Hope your staying cool and enjoying your summer. Blessings. Pam

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