Saturday, November 13, 2010


Several from the last few weeks. Need to put in albums.

Love doing last yrs Christmas photo's. Bi-Mart had this Noel
line from Making Memories. Love the vintage look.


My attempt at distressing..


Not sure how i feel about this. Should i have left it alone...
It is growing on me.. I see all this cool stuff on blogs but I just
dont have the knack.. It has been w/o knobs for three weeks.
Finally got it all together today.
Dogs groomed today. Scruffy is really just about 100% blind now.
He runs into the door and furniture but most of the time does ok.
Cant hear real well either.
Happy Belated Birthday Brittany. Had good intentions of posting
on your special day but atleast we got to see you.. Cant wait for craft
night Wednesday.. Enjoy your party tonight.

Up early today as the contractors were suppose to be here to work on
leaks (several). Got all ready and they called no show due to rain.
Jordan will return tomorrow from another trip.. Yeah!!!
Took Londyn to Elmers for Breakfast, hit the grocery store early,
made it to Vintage Market to see Britt, and then on to see grandma
great.. What a day.... Hope your enjoying yours!!!!!

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  1. i heart the yellow dresser so if you ever want to get rid of living room has a perfect purple couch to accent it...hehe... you did great... looking fwd to seeing you soon..


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