Monday, November 22, 2010

Craft Night

I am going to try and make one of these. Found
a frame already at Goodwill. This was on Brittany's wall.
I know she thinks I am wierd taking pictures of her house
we have similar tatse however..

Love this!

We are going to start trying to craft nights.. Brittany hosted the
first one and cooked us dinner.. so good! And then we started making

It is like going to her shop, such cute things I just want to shop..

Love my sister trying to make something.. She really gets into

I learned how to make this wreath. I didn't get it finished
because craft night was cut short due to an electrical issue.
But I think I can finish this someday..
This is what it should look like when it is done. We had a great
time look forward to doing it again..
On a side note wishing my friend Heidi a get better wish.. Thinking of
Thanks again to all on prayers and well wishes for my mom. She is
doing remarkable.. So thankful.
Looking forward to seeing Jenny at Classy Capture this weekend. She
is taking time out on her Saturday to do family photo's with my parents..
Cant wait! Happy Thanksgiving to all. Be safe and warm!


  1. love love love....wouldn't it be fun to do one with a nursery rhyme book for the girls room? wanna have a crafty night or day with me soon? i would love to...

  2. i do not think you are crazy for taking pics at my house...I love to do the same thing when i see peoples houses!

  3. Great idea Kate hadnt thought of doing different themes.. Would love to do it.. Still waiting to see Mina guess it will have to be after Thanksgiving.. Pam


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