Saturday, November 6, 2010

A little R&R

My Boss/friend Danuta gave me this window.. She knew how
much I liked them. She has had it atleast 22yrs and said she
must really like me to part with it. I love it!!!

This was a sweet gift from Brittany.. So Cute! Love it. It
wasn't even my birthday.

This was a sign I picked up last week at the fall 50%off sale.
Penny and I went to the Christmas open house Thur evening.
Check it out it is soooo cute!
Danuta was parting with this sign too. Think Penny is going
to take it. But she better hurry up or it will find a home here.
So I took a sick day yesterday. Have been feeling stressed,
over anxious, just like there is not enough time in the day. Dealing
with a abcess tooth and sour stomach. I hate taking days off. Penny
left me no choice and called in for me. Thanks Penny! I sure needed it.
I am ashame to say I havent left or showered in two days. Better head
that way right now..
Enjoy your weekend..

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  1. hope you are feeling better...the body has a funny way of showing us when to slow down...


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