Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Weekend about Londyn!

 The picture above is one during the summer. I adore this one.
 Yesterday she had a birthday party for her friend Reece. It was a princess tea party. So glad I made the effort to go as she had so much fun. Not so long ago my kids were this age and I remember doing all these things with them. Now it has moved on to the granddaughter.

 Today her momma and I decided to try and beat the rain that was predicted around 1:00. We made it, again so glad I made the effort as I thought a pajama day would be nice. Gammy and Londyn pictures. Jordan sent these too me from her email so I assume she didnt care for her pictures..

 The petting zoo consisted of these cute little pigs(sign said they may bite) and two billy goats.. But they were sure cute.

This place was in Jefferson and all pumpkins were a $1.00 unless over 35lbs, we came home with like 7 pumpkins. I thought today how good god is to me. It rained a like an hour later. When we went to Costco where we drove around looking for a space and one pulled out right in front. Sometimes its the small things that you reconize! Blessings Pam


  1. Londyn is a doll. Looks like you had a wonderful day, and pumpkins for $1!!! What a deal :)Until Next Time, Shauna {}

  2. Pam, These are special times with your granddaughter that you will cherish forever. She is so adorable!
    Mary Alice

  3. Pam I wanna go down the slide!! You made me get in the holiday spirit with the pictures of your sweet little one, love the typewriter too!! What a cool post! Are you aware that word verification is turned on for people to comment on your blog? I usually pass up a comment if I have to do this as I can rarely ever get the words the first two times and it is time consuming, most blogs turn it off you can always set you blog to be moderated where you have to publish each comment to make sure you are not spammed or I just allow everyone to comment and if I see a spam looking comment I delete it. you will lose comments for having moderation turned on hope this helps.


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