Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love Me Some More Treasures!

 I sure love my porch but boy do I have alot of stuff! The column to the left I posted awhile back. It was in my dads shop! Galvanized container was on the truck to go to metals. I grabbed it up. Been getting hen and chicks from my moms place and my sisters. I am loving  lots of greenery this year!

 I love galvanized things... I would love a huge laundry room for these tubs that were dug out of the property. Need to clean them up.
 My brother keeps looking at me as he would just haul off. Although he told me yesterday that he has twenty years on me and if he was younger he would be bringing it home too! He just doesn't want to deal with it!
 These cherub handles were in my moms antique room they are heavy and way cool. Don't you think?
 It is great that their is 6 of us kids and we all have different taste. With the exception of my sister Teresa. Her and I always seem to like the same things

 I love this crystal bowl. It was in my moms room also. Most of these things have been there for many years. I have no idea how old they are. If any of you know about them please let me know. This dish above it either turning color or is a little lavender color to it.
 Okay maybe I should rethink some of the things I am bringing home but the pink flamingo is way cool. It has a light in the back. I took it off and ran this through the dishwasher. Who knows how long I will keep it. It was in the garage sale pile.
 Added another suitcase to the pile.
 I even snagged some musty old pillows. But I love the ticking on them.

 Better shot of the adding machine I got also. I love the front of it.
 More pretty dishes.
This picture struck a nerve with me! Don't know anything about it. Just that it was mom's. That is was old and no one showed interest in it.  The sun has shined all weekend. I love it. However with the sun comes the notion that I must accomplish three weeks work in two days. I am exhausted and headed for a bath and movie. Have had little time to post right now but we are hoping to be done with parents property in June so that we can have some summer. Tomorrow I will devote my entire attention after work to my granddaughter Londyn who deserves it... Blessings Pam


  1. Hi Pam .. My your mama and daddy had some wonderful vintage finds .. So wish they were still here with you but since they have gone on to a better place now I'm glad you have some wonderful things to remember them by.

    I love all the galvanized and wire pieces you dug up.

    Wishing you a beautiful week !
    Blessings ..Sara

  2. You did bring home some great treasures from your mom's place. Loving the galvanized pieces and wire baskets.
    Mary Alice

  3. great suitcases and galvanized goodies, pam! take care and enjoy your time with londyn:)

  4. Pam, so many goodies you've brought home! My heart always beats faster when I see galvanized or wire pieces, too! Enjoy your treasures :)


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