Monday, August 5, 2013

Lemonade For Sale!

 Lemonade Stand was a success! Is this not the cutest stand! I wish I could say it was mine but I borrowed it from my friend and neighbor Mindy! My granddaughter Londyn asks everyday if we can have a lemonade stand! Everyday I say not today! Two weeks ago my sister Penny and I went to a shabby chic show and Mindy was there with her stand set up. I was telling her about Londyn and she said I could borrow it. We just happen to be having a big 60th birthday bash at Penny's house, so figured this would be a perfect time!

She made $20.00 and you know what she wants to buy with her money? Seeds to plant like watermelon, beans, carrots, etc. Is that the sweetest or what. We will have to find what is in season and buy some!

Oops out of order but I had to share some of her customers buying her lemonade.. I think I was almost as giddy as she was about this! I felt like Gammy succeeded too! I also had to share Penny's cute yard and little embellishments along the way! If you remember my fountain I got a couple weeks ago, well Penny and I chose the exact same one! Did I mention we are twins! The little barrel on her deck was my moms.. Its old but I love how she used a glass on top. Great idea! Off to start another week! Blessings! Pam


  1. the lemonade stand is sooo adorable!! and love that she wants to buy seeds with her money! And wow, a shabby chic show... wish we had those here in australia!!

  2. What a cute stand! And Londyn is just adorable!:)

  3. Too cute...wish I lived closer so I could buy some lemonade too :)


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