Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Table for Three!

Changing my porch around AGAIN! I sometimes wonder what my neighbors think? I know most people say there favorite season is fall, well this year it hits me a little different. This time last year I still had both my parents. Now they are both gone.. I feel a little sad right now. My moms birthday is in November. Thanksgiving and Christmas will approach. When it was dark and rainy I always had a place to go visit. To sit and have a cup of coffee, reflect on my day, share about my kids and grandchild. Right now I am at a loss really. I had a dream  last night and my mom was in her kitchen looking out her window. I said to her I love you mom, kissed her cheek and hugged her. It was so real and when I awoke I was so happy to have had that dream. If she was here I would tell her that I am okay, I am having the surgery she always felt I needed, got braces to take care of my teeth, she would be so happy. I know she is looking down on me and is with me daily in spirit. I just miss her. Today driving to work I was at a red light, there was an old man next to me a car ahead he had his arm out the window, it reminded me of my dad. You know when people age and get bruises on their arms, silly things like that remind me of them daily.. Anyways I will try to embrace and focus on the positives in the upcoming months. Thanks for listening to me! Tomorrow I will go to open house at my granddaughter's preschool. I am giddy about that. It wasn't that long ago my children were in preschool.. Blessings. Pam


  1. Sweet reflections, Pam. They say we are always searching for those we have lost. I believe that is true. Hang onto the happy memories and keep their spirit alive in your heart.

  2. Pam, I'm so sorry that you're feeling sad and missing your parents.
    I'm sure that Londyn's open house will be sweet :)

  3. Hi Pam,

    First time to visit, and love your blog! I am so sorry for the grieving you are doing. But it is nice to get those dreams and little moments of memories that bring a smile...

    I think of my father so often and he died in 1996, and to be honest, rarely, rarely a day goes by that I don't think,"Wish dad could see this." or "Dad would have loved this..."

    I think redoing your porch is just what the doctor ordered :-) Creating something is the soul's way of saying your spirit wants to play.

    Thanks for sharing, your words touched me.

    Big hugs

  4. Yo no se como llegué a tu blog, pero me sentí tan identificada que no puedo dejar de hacer un comentario. Yo no tengo hermanos y también perdí a mis padres hace un par de años . Es maravilloso cuando ellos nos visitan en sueños y es un dulce despertar. Y es así como tu lo describes, siempre hay un detalle durante el día que inevitablemente nos los recuerdan . Saludos Maria Adela


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