Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankful For Saturday!

 Most know that of my many collections I love vintage silverware! So to my surprise I was delighted when I was given a three piece set including a broach, key chain, and necklace. One of my customers brought them in to me. They are beautiful.
 Started DYI for the Christmas season. Dollar store candles, $1.00 enamel tags from a local boutique, twine, ribbon, and some sheet music I had on hand. About a $7.00 project.

 Still making my banners. Its fun for me to do around the house for each season.
 This picture really doesn't fit but just had to throw it in.
 My friend Angie made this window and I thought it was so fitting for the guest room/Londyn's room!
My mom- she was so beautiful. I loved the era of the bright red lipstick. When I was a child I would watch her get ready for work. She would go to the mirror and what seemed like minutes put that red lipstick on with such passion. Tomorrow is a candle light vigil for hospice at our local fairgrounds. This will be my first experience with this. I think I need to go and it is important in her memory. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I sure have enjoyed participating in the 30 days of being thankful. It is so easy to find and take a moment to see I have so much to be thankful for. Blessings Pam


  1. I love your "believe" banner! Everything looks pretty.
    Beautiful photo of your mom.

  2. Pam, the candles you made are so fun, and I love your banners!!
    That's a wonderful tribute to your mom-you're right, she was beautiful!

  3. oh, the window is darling for a bedroom--love it! the candles and banner are just so cute, pam:) the candle light vigil sounds wonderful--i don't think our area does that. happy thanksgiving to you and your family!


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