Monday, November 4, 2013

Things around the house!

 I love these little baskets I found at Habitat. They were marked $3.00 on each one. I took them up and asked if they were for all or for one. He said hmn I guess for one! I think I scored as they are really cool!
 Making lots of banners, mostly for myself and for gifts. They are so easy to make while watching t.v. Everyone tells me I should sell them. For me that would put to much pressure on me. Now I don't care about flaws, exact measurements and so on.
 My chalkboard door was a $4.00 score at Habitat. While it didn't look like this when I brought it home, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. I had everything to do it.
 While out and about the other day I happened upon some pine cones. I picked as many as I could hold and brought them home adding them throughout the house. So fun, cheap and easy just to add a little of outside nature.
 Oh la la treasures from the parents homestead. Cleaned it up last night and today I will figure out what I am doing with it. The piece of wood I think I will add some hooks to it with some of the ones inside the box.
 A little late posting but wanted to share these cute pics with you. My son Noah pictured above. So handsome.
 My twin Penny's son Jonah pictured above with his girlfriend. They are so cute together. Lots of people ask me since you and Penny look so much alike do your kids? Well I think you can see a resemblance between Jonah and Noah!
My beautiful daughter Jordan and granddaughter Londyn. I love the picture on the right. Looks like they are telling secrets. I am enjoying doing the 30 days of being Thankful. I am on facebook and instagram. So much to be thankful for! Hope you have a great week! Blessings Pam


  1. Love your baskets - what is Habitat?

    Fun finds from the old homestead.

    Love the pics of your sweet children.

  2. Your thrifted finds are awesome! Sweetest pictures of your family! You are the most beautiful grandmother I have ever seen! xo Jen

  3. love the chalkboard and banners, pam:) great family pics! have a great week!

  4. Beautiful children! We don't have twins, but my sister's daughters and my other sister's son look like my daughter' siblings. People comment on it all the time. I guess my family has some dominant genes.

  5. I love your decorating style. Your banners are perfect just as they are. xo


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