Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Emotional Struggles!

 Our Stinky Scuffs had an episode that started Friday night. He is estimated to be 14 or 15! We have had him since2007. He was going blind then and since has become deaf, his hips are going out, his teeth are falling out but I love him all the same. He stinks beyond belief. Friday and into Saturday he acted like he had a stroke or seizure, couldn't stand up straight, leaned to the right and went into circles, quit eating. As the weekend went on he seemed to be a little better. Being Easter weekend I just watched him and waited for Monday to take him in expecting they would put him down. They checked him out and said he has old dog Vestibular disease. There is no cure for it. However it should get better as the days go on. The next 7-14 days should tell. He is in no pain and they gave him pills to increase his appetite. He ate last night. Time will tell and at this point I am just loving each moment with him.
Meet our newest addition that came to us Saturday. His name is Scooby and he is a yorkie. He will be 8 in November. He has fit in nicely here. He has adjusted well and is lazy like Scruffy. He goes with me in the car and will be spoiled rotten. I have decided that I am not a puppy lover and the energy it takes is to much. While he will not replace Scuffy it will be nice to have him to help ease the pain when something happens to Sruffs. I believe that God has a plan and his timing is spot on. It has been a sad couple days and my sis brought me flowers. Thanks Penny for your love and support. Blessings Pam


  1. Poor little guy. I'm sorry. It's good you added to the family. xoxo

  2. Oh, I've been in your shoes, I feel your concern and love for these sweet dogs. Bless you, you have a big heart to take care and love them. Mine means the world to me. I hope Stinky gets better!!

  3. Pam, I'm so sorry! It's so painful to watch our beloved pet go through things like this. But congrats on your new puppy! I'm sure he'll keep you busy :)

  4. so sorry for scruffs, pam. how great you opened your world to an older dog:)

  5. Sorry about Scruffs Pam. Glad you opened your heart to another puppy.


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