Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last Week in Review!

 Last week started with a concern for Scruffy! He is now returning back to his normal lazy stinky self. His condition has no cure but we hope it will be at bay for awhile. Our newest addition Scooby is fitting in better than we ever thought. I am totally in love and have now become an annoying pet picture poster.

 Ejoyed a little thrifting yesterday. I love little brushes and am gathering quite a collection.
Spent some time crafting and making gifts. So fun to do. I thought how cute these cups would be with a little hen and chick in them. I sent my second to last gift out right before Easter to my pay it forward participant. So fun to put together gifts for different people. Some I know well some I don't. As much as I enjoy receiving I sure enjoy giving. I don't have a working camera so my phone has become my #1 friend. That and the pic stitch for making collages and sharing on instagram. Hope you have a wonderful week. I look forward to some 80degree weather later in the week. So ready! Blessings Pam


  1. Pam, I'm glad Scruffy is doing better! Love your little brush collection :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. it's great that both pups are doing well, pam:) the dishes are awesome! enjoy the great weather!

  3. What great finds. It is great that the two members of the family are getting along. xoxo


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