Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome April!

 Hoping for some sunshine soon. We had a little tease a couple weeks ago. I am ready for spring! I welcome April.

 I visited my brothers the other day and we wandered my parents property. Since their passing last year we call the place the homestead. They showed me changes they made to the place and things they set aside for me. These scoops made me happy. I love them. Knowing my dad used them brought me a smile for sure. Since the official engagement of my daughter last Friday, I have really wished they were here to share in the news.
 I met a really neat lady last week via Craigslist. She had such good prices and I came home with all pictured above for under $20.00 I love the white blanket, and couldn't resist the pillow.
 Adding a little blue in my home. The cake holder was also a find from her. I love old bottles. Most of them came from my mom!
Who am I? I am shabby, I have my faith, and I am grateful. All pictured above.  Hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings Pam


  1. Love your finds!! Looks like your parents knew a little bit about collecting vintage!!

  2. i never think to use craigslist--thinking now, i should! great finds, pam!

  3. You made quite a haul! Thanks for stopping by. I did post a note today. Will next week too as I am going to a place called the Barn! Can't wait! Hugs! Linda

  4. Pam, great Craig's list finds! And I love your mom's bottles!


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