Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's Official!

Friday March 28th our daughter Jordan got engaged to Anthony! We went to dinner and of course I knew what was going on (because moms know everything)! However with that being said you kinda wait your whole life for that moment and guess where I was? I had taken Londyn to the bathroom, when Anthony asked my husband for Jordan's hand in marriage. I came back and could tell I missed it! I just adore that ring! No date has been planned yet. You know now days things are so different. They have been together for sometime now. Have Londyn and Anthony has a son from a previous relationship. His name is Tison and he is 6. Londyn just turned 5 in January! She loves her brother so much. She looks out for him and when we go to the store or something always wants to remember her brother. I was giddy all evening and wanted to share the news right away. Have a great day! Blessings Pam


  1. Congratulations to Jordan! So happy they're getting married.
    Mary Alice

  2. big congrats to jordan! londyn looks very happy with tison! the ring is beautful! wishing them a long happy life together!

  3. Congrats!!!
    Wishing all of you the best!
    Hugs from me!


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