Sunday, March 16, 2014

Signs of Spring!

 So thankful that I can see signs of spring. I worked in the yard yesterday and on my porch. It becomes a collect all for so many things. This dresser was given to me by my neighbor and friend Mindy. I need to fix the handle. I love it and can vision some drawers open with flowers in them.
 These are things I purged and was just over! My friend Amy is picking them up today. Feels good to purge once in awhile. Start fresh and simple.

 Now I said purge but than came home with this vintage table top ironing board. Couldn't pass it up. Love the fabric. Also came with that old smell.

My granddaughter came on Friday and is leaving this afternoon. She sure brings me such joy. She loves being here. I always ask why do you like to come over? Her reply because Gammy lets me do anything I want. This morning while making chocolate chip cookies she asked to make her own. She loves making goolash! Hers consisted of coffee, egg, and raisins. She even baked in the oven. Look at the smile. Melts my heart. She completes me! I always tell her "Your my saving grace"! She says no I am Londyn. I hope you have a blessed Sunday! I am enjoying posting an inspiring blog on each of my posts. Today's inspiring blog is: Blessings Pam


  1. I love to purge, too, even though I tend to find other things, like you do. Love the old scale on top of your new little dresser.
    Mary Alice

  2. I love your shabby chic look for the porch and yard! I can't help myself either when I see a great deal or something I HAVE to have! I promise myself I won't buy anymore till I sell more in my Etsy shop but then the local thrift store has 50% off!!

  3. You have so many fun things on your porch! That's so sweet that you and Londyn can spend time together :)

  4. A Very Happy Spring Pam!
    It's good to have a clear out once in a while, I am doing the very same thing and letting go of prims that I have had packed away for some time, sometimes its a bit hard though.
    Warm Blessings


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