Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do I inspire or tire!

 I wonder sometimes if I inspire or maybe you get tired of my blog. I was thinking why I started this thing. In the beginning it was for my scrap booking, which I no longer do. Than it was to journal the growth of my family, I need to do that more. I love to look back on my photo's of my granddaughter Londyn and her growth. My children how far they have come etc. The wrinkles I have now that I didn't 5 years ago. lol. My blog is so much fun for me. I really enjoy my decorating and what I have learned from all my blogging friends. Its the small things that bring me such joy.
 I have really come to enjoy instagram. I love to follow certain people and learn about their family and pets. This basket above is in my office. I am doing a little industrial theme in there. Does anyone have an idea what this red tool is? I have no idea just know that it is sharp.
 I have a pretty big bathroom with two sinks. I really enjoy the space I have in there. I have an old chippy yellow cabinet that displays lots of dishes, antique medicine kit, old bowl and pitcher that was my moms.
 I had to share this picture above of my sis Penny's bedroom. I love how shabby it is. Look at her overflow on the floor. The one thing with her is she gets rid of things pretty quickly. We enjoy passing back and forth.
Speaking of a big bathroom this was Londyn this morning while I was getting ready for work. She spent the night, she likes to sit in there and chat while I am getting ready. She really inspires me! Her beauty and grace and love for everyone is a true gift at such a young age. She called her mommy last night to say goodnight, her mommy said "my tummy hurts will you pray for mommy". No doubt she did. Well our spring break has had mostly rain this week. We surely need it. I need the sun though too! Have a wonderful evening. Blessings Pam

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  1. Pam, I love all of your photos! I have that same little no. 3 basket! Londyn is such a cutie :)
    I need to check out Instagram.


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