Saturday, May 3, 2014

It happened May 2nd!

 This past week we have had some high 80's. Record temps going on. Makes me excited for BBQ's, pools, ice cream and bubbles.
 Friday May 2nd in the morning Londyn lost her tooth at Teddi's(daycare)! I got a text and picture at work and it made me tear up. I was so excited for her as she has been anticipating it for sometime. We were suppose to have a photo shoot today and couldn't help think oh how it was going to make for great pictures and how for a second wished it would of waited until after lol. We went last evening to Glam up for the photo's. New clothes, shoes, nails painted etc. However the weather turned sour today so postponed until next Saturday.

 We go to this place in our local mall and Linda pictured above it such a kind lady. She let Londyn lay on the bed with me while my eyebrows were being waxed. She takes good care of us all.
 This is how I found Londyn this morning. She loves looking in the mirror as her missing tooth.
I keep getting pictures from her mommy throughout the day. She truly melts my heart. She stayed with me last night and so the tooth fairy had to come here. She was hoping for gold coins. Guess what the tooth fairy brought! Good thing I had a stash of them.. What a blessing I have been given to be this girls Gammy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings Pam


  1. Oh, this is the cutest post!! Londyn is SO cute and you're blessed to have each other...I'm sure she adores you! :)

  2. So precious! I feel the same way about my granddaughters!! The little things are so wonderful, especially how they say your name.....!

  3. My first visit to your blog and already I embrace your fun loving and caring essence. Having Grands open's up your heart to a love you never knew could exist. I too have, love and adore my Grands. First tooth, very big thing indeed.

  4. adorable post, pam! she must love spending time with you:) have fun with the photo shoot!


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