Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Three F's (Faith, Friends, and Finds)!

 Anne Pettingill's(Pictured left) life was turned upside down in the matter of a few days when doctors discovered Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (Breast Cancer).  She will be requiring immediate treatment to stop the growth of the cancerous cells. I have know Anne for several years having had a few lapses in seeing her through the years. We have been getting to share more through instagram and facebook. The thing I know about Anne is how strong her faith is and her love for her family. I have no doubt she will overcome this. Her smile melts you every time you see her. There is a fund set up on facebook for her long term medical bills. She has insurance but as you know it will get very expensive though out it all. If you would like more info I would be glad to share or if you would like to send cards to me and I can pass on that would be great too!

 I won a spring fling giveaway on instagram and these lovely yellow pillow covers was one of them. Oh how I love them.

 This little tea cup feeder pictured above was from a family friend. I bought one for me and one for my friend Anne. I love them. My friend Heidi who had them just got her son home from the hospital today after several days of him being sick. So glad he is on the mend Heidi. Now get some rest. Prayers for his full recovery.
 I had a sick day Thursday and managed to rest but also move a few things around. Sometimes a little change is good!
My granddaughter while singing the song to Frozen helped me the other day move my porch around. She is so cute. I think she did a good job. Don't you? I will be leaving on vacation so will post when I return. Prayers for a safe trip appreciated. Without prayer and faith where would I be? Blessings Pam

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  1. so sorry about your friend, pam! hope your vaca is fun!


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