Monday, May 12, 2014

The Three T's! (Trinkets, Treasures and Thoughts)

 So much going on these days! I love my things, trinkets, and treasures. However with that said I have been feeling a little less inspired as of late. Knowing that they are just things that collect dust and can be replaced daily, weekly, monthly. My heart is heavy for so many right now. Family, friends, customers. I could pray all day and never fill like I get to everyone. I want to be the best parent, friend, family member that I can be. Help when I can where ever I can. I am truly blessed by so many and am so very grateful.
With that said I will go on with my treasures. My dished pictured above. Oh how I love vintage of any sort. I just wonder the history behind them, where they came from, who they belonged too. How they got their cracks, chips etc.
 My friend Tanya made me this window pictured above. I love how it turned out. I have some amazing friendships as of late that I really treasure.

 Scales- What can I say about them. Oh how I love them.. I have a collection of all different sorts. Big and small, plastic and metal, rusty and crusty. They just call my name when I see them.
 I love making gifts for people. I made this one for my friend/ sister in law. I wonder sometimes if they like it as much as I do.
 Pictured above is a Croquet set. I have no idea why but I love it. It sat at my parents place for well over a year and nobody grabbed it so it came home with me. It is in need of some cleaning. I will treasure it and tuck it away somewhere.
I am participating in an egg carton swap on instagram. Pictured above is what I put together for it. While mine isn't as crafty as some I am hoping that the extra's I added make up for it lol. It is filled with lots of treasures. I cant wait to receive mine and see what it is. Seems I spend more time on instagram than anything else right now. So quick and easy to snap a photo from the phone and post. I had a wonderful Mother's Day with very thoughtful gifts from my children and grandchild. Hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings Pam

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  1. an egg carton swap...that's such a cute idea! the croquet set brings back memories:) have a great weekend! (i fell off your email sub somehow, but, i signed back up:)


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