Sunday, August 17, 2014

Changes around the house!

 I love collections and probably have way more than I need. These old jars were stored in my moms antique room for many years. Some have lids some didn't. I added these cute chalk labels to them. I needed a change on my kitchen counters and like how it turned out.
I love the iron bottle opener from my sister Penny. She also gave me the white chippy wood piece and the mirror on the back display. She gets rid of I salvage it.
 Hit some garage sales and came home with oil can and this little vintage mini mixer.
 Also scored this mini postal scale,burlap bag and another old bag I have displayed on my hutch.  All for under $5.00 SCORE!
 It was a great day with lots of treasures. I am a sucker for pillows and have way to many. Another collection I suppose. Love glass knobs and the little shaving brush oh my!
We have the first Hobby Lobby in the state and I am smitten. I stenciled the crowns on burlap and gave as gifts. They have all their Christmas ornaments out and of course I had to have some. However I am not using as Christmas.
It is well with my soul is the first thing I see each day when I enter my bedroom. It is such a great reminder. Hope you enjoy your Sunday. Blessings Pam

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  1. I just love all the "new" things you got for your home. The stenciled crown is the best and that Eiffel tower looks great....Christmas out already at Hobby Lobby?!


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