Monday, April 3, 2017

Instagram Love!

 I have so many wonderful friends/families I follow on instagram. I received some beautiful gifts
from them and am so grateful. I love the little canvases I received week before last. Our nest and Bloom our perfect for my bedroom. MiaNicoleDesgnCo has a great etsy site. If you get a chance to check her out..

 These beautiful cards came from PNWGirlDesigns, I have a hard time wanting to use them.. Check her out also if you get the chance.

My next project is going to be to work on this hutch. It just seems to be where everything goes when I need a place to put it. It is one of my favorite pieces in my home.. We had a great weekend of spring weather and sunshine. I went in so many directions and I am not sure I finished any of them. Looking forward to many days to follow. Happy Monday. Blessings Pam


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