Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love the Postman!!!

Doing alot of this lately. Now that Londyn figured out how
to open cupboards she is keeping us all busy. Lots of trips
to Home Depot. Getting ready for her 1st Birthday party
Saturday. I cant believe it already. But also looking forward
to seeing Jenny again for her 1yr photos.

Yes I love the postman. I ordered this book last week from
Amazon. I so admire this woman. She is so very talented.
I follow her blog everday. This was an early birthday present
to self. Haven't even opened it as I am waiting for that quiet
moment to savor each page.

Guessing I should of adjusted color on this before I posted.
It looks alot better in person. I think the Basic Grey has to
be one of my all time favs. Cant wait to see the new release
of their new product.
Well the Blazers lost last night but it was still fun.
And to be there the night Batum came back was worth it. He
had been on the injured list for awhile. The parking garage took
far to long to get out of but we sat quietly and very patient and
watched and listened to drunken idiots being way to loud and stupid.
They even picked on a old couple sitting in their car. Other than
that it was fun.
Enjoy your week!!!!


  1. love the layout....let me know how the book is, i might need to come sit on your couch and thumb through it one day....and we NEVER use the parking garage, we park and walk....it's worth it. let's see if we can kick some jazz a$$ tonight!

  2. Cute layout...I also got that book and am liking what I see.....but wish I could see you!!!!


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