Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not much to blog about

Going to the Blazer game Jan 25th. Excited
to go to the game. Bought tickets as a fund
raiser for a friend of mine, she is sending her
daughter to Washington DC in the spring.
I am a huge fan the past two years and
followed them for several years.

She loves to totally disorganize all my scrap stuff. She thinks
it is a game. This white paper rack was totally empty this
morning as she loves to grab and run. Notice I have put
all misc items in baggys so she cant get into them. Look how
cute she is though.

This is a pouty look she likes to give.

Rough week for her this week with fevers and teething. She
should cut two top teeth real soon.

Only creative thing lately. This was a shawdow box my niece
Kim came and made for my sister for Christmas. She totally
did most of it herself I just helped a little. I really like the way
it turned out. I have the scrap bug but just cant seem to find or
make the time to get it done. Hope all is well with everyone of
my blogging family and friends. Time to eat dinner.

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