Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thought I would share

These plates are antique very old. They were given to me
buy a customer at work. There is five to the set. My niece
Kim bought this plate rack for me so that I could display
them. I put them in my bathroom. I know it is a funny place
for them but I am doing that motiff (sp)in there. Kinda vintage.

I have wanted to scrap for a quite sometime now. Just
never get the chance and while I had to let the housework go
for awhile it was there waiting for me when I was done. I
felt kinda lost and out of sort but sure realized how much I
missed it and how it makes me happy oh so happy!!!!

This was last night. She is such a happy baby. She cut her
1st tooth on top yesterday. So she now has three teeth and
a fourth to cut any day. Today I was gone and told Doug as
I was going to get Jordan to watch her but that I thought she
was doing her normal thing and wandering off to do her buisness
if you know what I mean. Seems like everyone big or small
needs their privacy. Anyways so she went over by the stairs
and he kept saying Shuggy come here are you pooping? She
had opened the child proof gate and went upstairs on her own.
He realized when he heard foot patters upstairs. So scary. She
is so smart.
On another note I am waiting to be a great great aunt anytime now
Stephanie is in labor. So we should get to meet little Aubrey soon.
Had a great visit today with my parents. Hadnt been over in some
time. Took in a good movie this weekend. I am a big Denzel
Washington fan . The movie "The Book of Eli" . I hadnt been to a
movie for months. I couldnt believe the prices. $7.75 for popcorn.
Outragious!!!! Enjoy your week.

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