Monday, April 4, 2011

Loving my space!

Still need to label my jars with chalk and hang shelf.
My little desk lifts to put my layouts in! I love that.

Storing fabric in my basket above bed..
These two white drawers on the wall hold my inks. I love them!

This is a work in progress. I love my scentsy on top!

Might paint the shelf white. My closet is all scrapbook stuff

to. Waiting to be organized.

Okay so the dresser at the end of the bed is going to go to Jordan's

house she just hasn't picked it up yet. But I loved it so much and

didn't really want to part with it. How great it would be to store more

scrap stuff. So today when I stopped at Goodwill guess what I found.

Yes this beauty for 19.99. Who could resist!

Finished my "Hope" letters yesterday! The frame on the right

I found at Goodwill too for $3.50! Think it will be a chalkboard!

My new entry way. Ignore the ugly dog bed. They love it though!

I had a coat rack tree stand with bench that I gave to Jordan when

she moved. So I rearranged around and had a fun day of playing.

I had the wall full of stuff. I took everything down and said Less is More!

Rooster found last week at Goodwill. I know it is my addiction.

Upstairs landing where I moved things around too! Like this

corner. The bottom drawers open for laundry. But know room

in my laundry area.

HOPE~ well that is what I was hoping for today when my mom had

her check-up. I am so thankful. Thank you God!

Her tumor has not grown and not spread nor have her little ones grown.

I know we have alot of friends, family, co-workers, customers who pray for

her. THANK YOU! Continue to pray if you will . Next appt 3 mo!

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  1. LOVELYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY can't wait to come visit your room one day soon


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