Saturday, April 23, 2011

So the day didn't quite go as planned

Burger King!
So long story here~ Jordan left Wed for buisness and will be back
Monday.. So we are enjoying our week but missing mommy dearly.
With Easter weekend we are trying to make the best of it w/o her.
We had Easter pictures last night with Jenny from Classy Capture.
The evening was nice so she took some outside photo's. Cant wait to
see how they turn out. Today I planned to take her to North Albany
for chocolate bunnies and picture with Easter Bunny. Grandma great
was good to go, so off we went. However when we got there the line
was way out the door and way to long for a two year to wait and a grandma
great to stand in line so we bailed on that idea. We went to lunch instead.
Mind you I got up at 5:45 to catch up on some much needed house work.
Londyn woke at 7:15 so made for a very long day.

Gammy does not do hair never was good at it. Can barely do my

own. That is where we miss mommy.

Showing grandma great her silly face..

Sorry mom not the best picture but i love them all.

Things were going so well until she started vomiting

everywhere and we made a dash to the bathroom. Why do people

look at you like you are the worst people in the world. Dont they

remember what it was like when they had kids. Oh well.

A little blurry but this was the first of many banged

up knees to come. Must of been the cheap flip flops from

Old Navy. Poor baby rough day!

Look what my mom found in her attic for Penny and I. We split

them of course. I have been wanting some of these for awhile. Made

my day after the apparent bee sting I got in my finger at moms today.

I put my hand in a bird bath to dust off and thought it was a splinter

until I got home and it swelled and was beat red and pulsating. Oh

and after leaving my cell phone on top of the car and driving off it got

ran over, I had two pull over and pick it up in three pieces. It is not pretty

but it still works.

At the end of the day Penny and Tony came over with goodies for

Londyn. She loved all her goodies. Thanks so much Penny for the

spilled bubbles on the floor, spilled koolaid from the bottle caps,

and the sugar of course. Thanks for making her day special.. love you!

Close your eyes!

Aunt Penny loves to spoil her. So my day didn't go

as planned but I wouldnt change a thing. I am going to have a

day of rest tomorrow. Happy Easter to all~ Enjoy your Sunday..

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