Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Girl

This picture is one of my all time favorites. It makes me smile first thing in the morning.
She has since moved out of our home two weeks ago! Of course

she still calls this home and says I want to go to mommy's house.

This was her coming over first thing in the morning Sunday when

mommy had to go to work. We had breakfast and she caught us up

on her day. Yesterday she came by walked in and said "Im Home".

Then found her Gammy and reached gave me a big hug and said I

love you so much... Melts my heart. She loves to come see me at work

and I am so proud to show her off to my customers...

I have became an avid Craigslist shopper this last week. I am in love!

I listed some things on there and bought a bed over the weekend.

Jordan found a boston terrier last night and oh yes has got herself

and Londyn of course a new puppy. He is sooo cute!!!! He is a licker though

and will give you a bath if you want it. As much as I miss them both

I see the independence in Jordan and love that she is doing so well. I also

am reminded how much my mom helped me when I got my first place and

how nice it was to say can I borrow~ What goes around comes around.

Enjoy your evening...

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