Thursday, May 19, 2011

I love Garage Sales/Goodwills

I love this cabinet got it at Brit and her moms sale a
couple weeks ago. Stripped the wallpaper off last night.
Looking for a old farmhouse table to put it on and use for
fabric and linens.

Love my sitting bench I actually sat there earlier tonight for
a short time listening to my i-pod thanks to my sister Penny.
I love it. Not sure the neighbors do though I know I was singing
quite loud. Pillows from garage sale.

Old basket at moms and I asked if I could borrow I mean have
cause it was green and now it is white.

I always find room to put something up! Is this cute or what.

Holds glasses on the bottom. Would you believe it was only $15.00

Okay well I had a $15.00 off coupon. Love that store. (Real Deals).

Dont mind the dishes in the sink~ These apples came from

Goodwill sometime ago.

Yes garage sale $1.00 so cute not sure what is going in it yet!

Curtains courtesy of a garage sale too!

Thought I would share my scale again.

And my blue jars again that my mom gave me. I went to the

Habitat for Humanity today. Wow that was fun. I bought some trim

boards to make a peg shelf out of and I want to hang my blue jars from

it, I will share when I am done.

Yes did I say I love garage sales. This table couldnt be passed up

$10.00 what a find.

I love my rooster from mom and dads! They have so much

stuff to chose from I could wander around all day.

Can you see the flowers to the right, Londyn and I took a walk

yesterday to Coastal farms and picked these along the way. She got

to see the bunnies at the store. We bought a little flower and a candy

and then walked a long route home. She is loving the weather.

As busy as my friend Brittany is she still found time to make me

this linen wrap for my chandlier. I love it! Thanks so much.

Today was my 24th anniversary and I spent it in my p.j.s

listening to my ipod, and spray painting, and rearranging. However

tomorrow we will spend the night with Tony and Penny in Eugene, ready

to hit a neighborhood of garage sales Saturday morning. I hope to find

lots of treasures. Enjoy your weekend.........

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  1. Hey Pam, I just wanted to let you and Penny know that my phone is lost dead somewhere so if you have called or text me about coming over today that is why I havent answered. I am home getting ready. it starts at 2. I hope you will both stop in and say hi! If you want to get ahold of me you can call me on Tims phone. his number is the same as mine but last four digits 1197.


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